The well known world newspapers and TV stations have made reports about the restaurant and have compared it with the famous Maxim's in Paris, and Skadarlija quarter with Parisian Montmartre. This restaurant has been guest (with its host, musical and artistic programme) in European metropolis, Russia, even in Japan, and has become one of Belgrade institution and celebrity.

There is a saying that if you visit Belgrade and omit to dine in Ima dana it will be your unbelievable loss - you have not sense the spirit and atmosphere - you have not enjoyed in old urban and noble Belgrade. All your senses will be pleased here:
- your eyes by interior beauty
- your ears - by sound of music, recitals and act followed by beautiful fountain murmur
- your taste - by luxury of flavors and smells of served food and wine bouquet
- touch - you will be touched by all this beauty that will remain in your memory making a wish to come again to enjoy in the synthesis of past and present as you can talk or write about all this fairy tales.

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