This restaurant is situated in 38, Skadarska Street. This is in the very heart of vintage bohemian quarter, center of Belgrade intellectual, cultural, musical, trade and political happenings
Ugljesa Bogunovic, famous architect has built this restaurant on the spot where the old house, home of prominent poets (Tin Ujevic), singers, bohemians and rebellions had been. The greatest contemporary Belgrade bohemian and academic painter Mario Maskareli, has taken care of its interior design. He has painted his predecessors (inhabitants and regular visitors) eternizing them to become tradition, memory and inspiration for new generations, for those who love this street. The restaurant cherishes the style of old urban and dignified way of association and offers the same way of service and specialties. The sounds of traditional city music can be heard, the old poems, folklore, recitations, paint exhibitions. We often host the celebrities. Our guests have been the most significant participants of world political and cultural scene, sportsmen and businessmen who have been brought by protocols or local officials, brought by curiosity or recommendation.

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